Why CA are obsessed with partnerships 

Partnership are a completely different way of doing business. Depending on your type of business and long term goals, will identify whether this is the way forward for you. 

However due to CA working mainly in the luxury sector with a small specific team and exceptional clients, we decided partnerships were our perfect match.

But why?

When you work with individuals, you are able to get to know more about them and their business. The CA motto is at every event “Your business is our business” therefore a partnership allows us to get to know the brand on a deeper scale. So we can market and promote that business more effectively each time. 

When you have a great partner that can be available for your regular events, who truly knows you and your business it develops trust and creates far better results.

We are proud to currently have excellent partners, who the team really understand and have built a great professional relationship with. 

Always consider partnerships, they may be more effective for your business. Remember people like stability.  

Corporate Angel Promotions

Corporate Angels going global

For a while Corporate Angels have been focusing on delivering world class promotions in London, with Monaco, Cannes and Dubai on the map, a great team really makes expanding to these fantastic countries possible.

London has been the heart and home for the team, but when you have been respected and appreciated at incredible exhibitions, conferences and great yacht events. It makes you want to allow your services to be appreciated on a global scale, working with the most respected people in a variety of sectors.

Every country has luxury brands, exhibitions, beautiful yachts that require the best hostesses, and launch parties that need London’s finest to look over an manage each detail that takes an event special.

2017 will be our year, thank you to everyone who has worked and supported CA and thank you to the corporate Angels who are exceptional at what they do.