The importance of supporting your team and their vision 

Businesses have many different people involved, however your team is your biggest asset. So why don’t people have great interest in who they are and what their vision is?

A business can easily get caught up on figures and charts, but the bottom line is unless you all have the same vision you won’t be going anywhere. 

Morning meetings, genuine meaningful conversations and taking interest in someone’s life can be easily overlooked, the importance of truly caring can be underestimated. 

Corporate Angels is not about mass but about building true succesful relationships with the team and our partners. This interest isn’t just in regards to a calender of events but how everyone is doing and what they are achieving that month. 

We are happy to support Corporate Angel Lucy on her journey to become Miss England, as the official sponsors we have every bit of respect and appreciation for Lucy as a CA team member and incredible contestent! 

“Together Everyone Achieves More”

Events that entertain and not drain..

Thousands of events take place in London, and if you like to try different ones like we do here at CA, it’s difficult to know which will be the most productive.

Here are our top three tips to ensure you don’t waste your time ;

  • Plan your events calender three months in advance, this sounds dramatic but it’s so easy to get caught up in events just because they are on one specific night that you are free, if you make time for the ones that appeal to you most, this will be far more productive. 
  • Ask around, don’t be afraid to ask people in your industry what events they attend and recommend, the most effective way to find new events. 
  • Finally if you don’t find the right event with the people you wish to be around, embrace your inner entrepreneur and create your own! So many people in London (if you plan an do it right) would love to get involved and at least then you know you will be with the right crowd for the right reason.

Happy Friday all! 


Calzedonia girls got it right! 

Recently the Swimwear company Calzedonia had a well published trip abroad with a fantastic team of beautiful ladies who are all successful in their own right. 

After following the campaign and paying close attention to their new swimwear along with  regular instagram updates and live videos of the team shooting abroad, it really made me and thousands of other women realise the power of great campaigns! 

I’m so happy that campaigns are becoming far more common and can’t wait for the ones Corporate Angels have to come. Relating to property, jets and fashion! Truly understanding our partners and marketing this to potential clients and covering it all heavely on social media, is a true passion and not to mention effective and rewarding! 

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