Corporate Angels Provide Outstanding Event Hostesses to assist luxury brands all over the world.

Working globally with the CA team has been incredible from events in Dubai, Pakistan, USA, London and Monaco , we have collectively gained great knowledge about assisting global brands, working as a team and representing ourselves as respectable business women all over the world.

The training we do with our team so our clients receive the best event assistance is key, and something we love to share with empowered business women, which is why we launched the Corporate Angel Millennial’s Program.

We hope you enjoy working with our team if you are a luxury brand and require outstanding event hostesses or if you are a business woman we would love to share our knowledge with you on our Corporate Angel Millennial Program.

“Empowering and Supporting Corporate Angels”


Assisting our great partners at Monaco Yacht Show

“Empowering and Supporting Corporate Angels”

Assisting our great sporting partners in Pakistan

“Empowering and Supporting Corporate Angels”

Assisting our DAMAC property Partners.