The purpose of a Corporate Angel, and why we create a successful partnership

So business can be up, down, sideways and backwards… but one thing that won’t change, is how customers remember you and your event. This is not numbers or statistics that drop or go round in circles, this is something on another level. Emotion. You can be the market leader! but unless someone receives a rememberable […]

Why we really are World Class Promotions

Corporate Angels.. Promotional models…Luxury Events..But normal? Certainly not.. Corporate Angels focuses on a true niche, solely focusing on the luxury and pure class of industries such as yachting, automotive, corporate and private events. We do not work with everyone, but a specific industry that requires perfection and a service that is only suitable for the […]

Add beauty and colour to your exclusive events

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Cannes Approaching

With Cannes approaching we are delighted to add exquisite beauties to our team. Whilst arranging meetings with the most prestige yachting companies and planning our future in the yachting industry, we are certain to be the best in World Class Promotions. Our service not only delivers a standard promotional touch, but creates an elegant and […]