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Cannes Approaching

With Cannes approaching we are delighted to add exquisite beauties to our team. Whilst arranging meetings with the most prestige yachting companies and planning our future in the yachting industry, we are certain to be the best in World Class Promotions. Our service not only delivers a standard promotional touch, but creates an elegant and […]

Corporate Promotions

Firstly why corporate promotions ? Secondly why Corporate Angels? We all know Promotions are a crucial part of making clients and potential customers aware of a new and or existing service/product. Promotions develop recognition and create a pathway for financial development, and business recognition. Without promotions, everyones ideas would be invisible. So what about Corporate […]

Beauty and marketing intelligence

Our Corporate Angels take pride in exquisite beauty, ensuring our clients are proud of there brand being represented by such beauty. But this is not all we do. Far from our perfect business dresses, our well groomed hair and shiny Louboutins, we take pride in our individual intelligence and business knowledge. Founded five years ago […]

Sample News 4

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