The Corporate Angels, and how we keep our class for halloween events

Well Halloween is on its way ! and Corporate Angels are fully booked throughout spooky London. All of our blonde and beautiful angels will be spookyfied for halloween. We shall present beautiful world class promotions (as always) but create fabulous looks with witches, ghost and vampires….remember to stay classy with your costumes and ensure the […]

Corporate Angels, a bit about us.

Corporate Angel Promotions, was created by Melanie Grace (company director) based in London. Corporate Angel Promotions , are an international brand. Providing the world’s finest and most beautiful intelligent models to improve the credibility of a brand. Focusing on an exclusive amount of customers in the luxury sector, Corporate Angels work closely with key businesses, […]

The purpose of a Corporate Angel, and why we create a successful partnership

So business can be up, down, sideways and backwards… but one thing that won’t change, is how customers remember you and your event. This is not numbers or statistics that drop or go round in circles, this is something on another level. Emotion. You can be the market leader! but unless someone receives a rememberable […]

Why we really are World Class Promotions

Corporate Angels.. Promotional models…Luxury Events..But normal? Certainly not.. Corporate Angels focuses on a true niche, solely focusing on the luxury and pure class of industries such as yachting, automotive, corporate and private events. We do not work with everyone, but a specific industry that requires perfection and a service that is only suitable for the […]