Hello Corporate Angel Millennials! Welcome to our community of knowledge, guidance and events.

Ease, Trust and Elegance are the true qualities of a Corporate Angel and what we wish to include in all of our training. In 2018 Women Empowerment is stronger than ever and we whole heartedly love this. Providing the best tools, support and community your CA membership includes the following;

1. Our exclusive Online Corporate Angel Millennial program beginners guide to achieving business success, goal setting and habit tracking

2. Monthly events/online calls with the official Corporate Angel leaders on topics such as leadership, confidence, entrepreneurship, starting in business and being an influential business woman in the millennial age.

3. Access to monthly new video uploads and tutorials on success topics including winning mindset, business presentation as a successful woman and key social/marketing skills you need to know.

4. Guest speaker blogs and advice from key leading luxury professionals

Please see the CA calendar for the full program and monthly updates.

Our Goal

“We Provide Inspiration, Trust and Guidance to Global Corporate Angels.

For those who want to leave a Legacy behind, being an empowered business woman, helping others whilst taking on the world with the Corporate Angel community.”

CA Members Card

All new video and guides launching every month on the 10th and if you are interested in attending our CAMillennial monthly meeting in London please click the link below, limited spaces available.