Yacht Hostess

Corporate Angels specialise in yacht hostess services and luxury event assistance. A unique service that enables the worlds finest clients to not just have their standard promotional models… but a unique touch of beauty and hostessing extravagance.

Why Choose Corporate Angels Yacht Hostesses ?

  • Corporate Angels Hostesses are able to capture the attention of your clients as soon as they set foot on the yacht. Projecting elegance and ease, developing and building a personal relationship with your brand and clients. Your Brand is our brand. A specialist yacht hostess service second to none.
  • We provide  hostess guided tours of the Yacht’s, capturing every detail and presenting your products in-depth knowledge and great interest. Our Yacht Hostesses will sell your brand, emphasising quality and ensuring that your potential clients leave with a lasting impression of excellence.
  • Everything that our Yacht Hostess do is focused on quality and professionalism, yet light sociable atmosphere, so clients feel welcomed at your event. We have exceptional communicational skills that also enable us to capture data, obtain leads, and ensure everyone receives first class service on a busy, but enjoyable day.


Our Corporate Angels Yacht  Hostesses also offer yacht hostessing on board. Adding a special touch of beauty and luxury hostessing excellence to your clients journey.