The True Meaning of Luxury in the Modern Corporate World

The term luxury is formally defined as “the state of great comfort and extravagant living.” That’s a fairly accurate description of the term, but we all know that it also includes a certain feeling that you get when you are in the presence of luxury. When you live the luxury lifestyle and when you do things that are considered over the top by some, but standard in your world. When you are in that world, you know that you have really “made it”. You have achieved your goals in both business and your personal lives and you have truly joined the elite.

Corporate Angels understands that feeling and we have made it our mission to surround our clients and their customers with everything the luxury lifestyle has to offer and then some. We go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are treated with the utmost respect and given the higher levels of service their positions afford them. Our clients have achieved more, they have excelled in their careers and they want to show the world their accomplishments. That is where we step in. Our team coordinates some of the world’s leading luxe lifestyle events for corporate professionals, celebrities, the entertainment industry, sports stars and more.

Lavish Events Around the World

Corporate Angels has created some of the UK’s most lavish events including our exclusive Luxury Golf Retreats, Monaco Yacht Parties, Abu Dhabi F1 Experience and many more. With an eye for detail and concierge level service, our team creates custom-tailored events that are guaranteed to impress your customers, investors or board members. Every aspect of the event is tailored just for you and your guests and every event will exceed your every expectation.

Why do we go to great lengths to create such luxury events for our clients? The answer is simple, they are worth it. Our clients have reached a level of success that many dream about and they expect a certain level of luxury to reflect that success. From London and Monaco, to Abu Dhabi, Tokyo and Miami, Corporate Angels will deliver the world to you and create an experience that is both unforgettable and coveted by a select few.

To learn more about Corporate Angels and how we can create an unforgettable event for you, contact us now at our London office by calling +44(0)7572646687.

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Our Pakistan Event Assisting Ronaldinho & Ryan Giggs

In July 2017 CA embarked on an exciting journey to Pakistan to assist our partners in sport – TSG, with an event that would go down in the history of Pakistan. Our event partners included World Group, Nokia, Leisure League Pk and McDonalds.

Eight specific Corporate Angels were chosen for their incredible skills in organisation, social media management and their exceptional event assistance to organise this exciting event. The CA team departed from London Heathrow on the 7th of July and travelled to Dubai, Lahore and Karachi.



Throughout this trip two matches were played, the first one being in Lahore and the second one taking place in Karachi. The seven fantastic players who took part in this event included Ronaldinho, Ryan Giggs, David James, Nicolas Anelka, Luis Boa Morte, Robert Pires and George Boeteng. All who where an absolute pleasure to work alongside,


Throughout this exciting trip that was associated with Leisure League Pk to raise awareness of football in Pakistan and how many great players are there, the CA team had many roles and challenges including managing the schedule, assisting the players at matches, accommodation and travel organisation alongside our partner Rosella, social media management for the event and ensuring all main team members had exceptional hospitality.


The event was a great success and as CA prepare to launch CA lifestyle in 2018, many more international trips to Dubai and Monaco this month will take place!

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Corporate Angel Lifestyle 2018

The Corporate Angels have been travelling and expanding drastically since 2016. With the business evolving to meet international demands oversees, the luxury event industry has never been so exciting.

With Monaco and Dubai fast approaching we are preparing the CA team for the launch of CA Lifestyle. 2017 has been full of exceptional events assisting Ronaldinho & Friends in Pakistan, Property events in London for One Investments and Damac, some of the finest property companies in the world and assisting many more events in the yachting and corporate sector.

After developing exceptional knowledge in assisting events this year, we are now excited to announce our movement towards event management, launching CA Lifestyle in Monaco. CA will be holding exclusive events in 2018 that revolutionise the class and ease of luxury events, with the worlds finest individuals.

Keep following our movement @corporateangelssite. For more information about CA in Monaco please email, we would be happy to arrange a meeting and discuss developing your future events success.

The beauty of expansion

So far Corporate Angels have had the pleasure of working at many great events from corporate, yachting and private launches. However when you have an exceptional team you get mesmerised by their capabilities. 

I’m a great believer in focusing on success and not “spreading yourself to thin” but the problem is, we have so much talent and beautiful energy!

So moving forward we have developed platforms for Personal Assistants to develop exceptional relationships with oversees clients, reinventing the attitude of a temporary PA associated with high net worth individuals. We also have a new project regarding private jets, still to come…
2017 is an exciting time, a time when event models and hostesses become true professionals in the events industry, and are valued for their exceptional skills of communication, class and marketing intelligence. If you would love to be a part of our exciting movement and become a CA partner, please don’t hesitate to visit our website