Why this will be your best year yet – CA

2017.. what a year!

It has involved many highs and lows and a lot of travelling for most, but it has all been positive movement. There are so many things to consider and organise for every business at the end of the year, but what truly makes a difference is the ability to analyse.

Analysing gives us awareness of where we stand and what we have achieved, have you reached your target market effectively this year? Have you achieved your goals? Are you surrounded by the people that truly make your life better and impact you and your business positively?

Now the title above is quite ambitious, but this can 100% be your best year yet if you focus and take the time to just step things up!

Everything you have done, do it two times better!

Twice as fast,

And with far better systems and quality.

2018 is a fantastic opportunity to re-analyse, so please make sure you take full advantage of this opportunity. If you want to increase your productivity please take a look at Melaniegrace.com for free tips that will help you to plan ready for your best year yet!

Stay motivated and successful,


What really drives you?

Everyone is so unique and different and therefore driven in different ways. Whatever your hobbies are, it is the true love and desire that drives you to pursue them. At the end of the day it’ s simple… you do it because it makes you happy,

Identifying what drives you is the first step to success, this may be the desire to travel, meet new people, exercise. I never really understood the force of this driving power until evolving as an entrepreneur.

Every business owner, especially in the beginning understands the true drive you have to succeed and it’s not just about you, but you have to have the drive for your whole team.

For me, creating a better environment for my team to work in, the best work that improves and challenges them as individuals and creating a clear vision for the whole team to see that is rewarding for everyone involved is exhilarating, and one of the main reasons I do what I do.

Sometimes to succeed you don’t need to ask yourself how, but why you do what you do? Clarity on the purpose is second to none and something that is truly valuable to everyone involved.

A big thank you to the team of CA for making me a better leader and individual each and every day! Now it’ s time to think of your big WHY!



The CA Guide to Monaco 2017

With Monaco fast approaching, September is one of the most busiest and exciting months for the Corporate Angels. Having an event in Paris just before the show, the CA team will be arriving in Monaco on the 26th of September.

This year we have partnered with Boutsen design to bring the finest event models to Monaco. Displaying great passion for our partners training has already begun and our schedule is looking very hectic! With lots going on, here are the corporate Angels Top Three Tips to ensure you have the most successful show yet.

  1. Plan the show like you would an event – here at CA event excellence is our passion, however most people forget attending a show is just as important as having your own event! From having a schedule, to organising meetings in advance it has never been so crucial to plan and ensure you are just as prepared as the people who are working there. Show schedules are key.
  2. Create the best memories – photo shoots and social media seem to be a quality born within CA, however many people attend shows and then don’t have any memories or content for business purposes. Always make the most of photo opportunities and plan ahead for the posts you wish to do for your business etc. It is very easy to get distracted with partying and forget how effective content is for your followers to see!
  3. Co-ordinate with your team – One of our favourite sayings at CA is “Always have your team on the same page”. What are you goals for the show? Who do you want to meet? What business do you wish to gain? Or just have a good time…Either way it is crucial you discuss this with your team/partners before the event, as you meet so many great people and if everyone is aware of what you wish to achieve it is an extra pair of eyes looking out for you.

And last but not least have an amazing time and enjoy the yacht parties! CA will be at the show from the 26th of September – 1st of October. For meeting enquiries please contact Vanessa at events@corp-angels.com, and she would be happy to arrange an appointment with one of our team to discuss future events or CA enquiries.

Happy Yachting!

CA Team


Our Pakistan Event Assisting Ronaldinho & Ryan Giggs

In July 2017 CA embarked on an exciting journey to Pakistan to assist our partners in sport – TSG, with an event that would go down in the history of Pakistan. Our event partners included World Group, Nokia, Leisure League Pk and McDonalds.

Eight specific Corporate Angels were chosen for their incredible skills in organisation, social media management and their exceptional event assistance to organise this exciting event. The CA team departed from London Heathrow on the 7th of July and travelled to Dubai, Lahore and Karachi.



Throughout this trip two matches were played, the first one being in Lahore and the second one taking place in Karachi. The seven fantastic players who took part in this event included Ronaldinho, Ryan Giggs, David James, Nicolas Anelka, Luis Boa Morte, Robert Pires and George Boeteng. All who where an absolute pleasure to work alongside,


Throughout this exciting trip that was associated with Leisure League Pk to raise awareness of football in Pakistan and how many great players are there, the CA team had many roles and challenges including managing the schedule, assisting the players at matches, accommodation and travel organisation alongside our partner Rosella, social media management for the event and ensuring all main team members had exceptional hospitality.


The event was a great success and as CA prepare to launch CA lifestyle in 2018, many more international trips to Dubai and Monaco this month will take place!

for more information, please visit Corp-angels.com




Corporate Angel Lifestyle 2018

The Corporate Angels have been travelling and expanding drastically since 2016. With the business evolving to meet international demands oversees, the luxury event industry has never been so exciting.

With Monaco and Dubai fast approaching we are preparing the CA team for the launch of CA Lifestyle. 2017 has been full of exceptional events assisting Ronaldinho & Friends in Pakistan, Property events in London for One Investments and Damac, some of the finest property companies in the world and assisting many more events in the yachting and corporate sector.

After developing exceptional knowledge in assisting events this year, we are now excited to announce our movement towards event management, launching CA Lifestyle in Monaco. CA will be holding exclusive events in 2018 that revolutionise the class and ease of luxury events, with the worlds finest individuals.

Keep following our movement @corporateangelssite. For more information about CA in Monaco please email events@corp-angels.com, we would be happy to arrange a meeting and discuss developing your future events success.

The importance of supporting your team and their vision 

Businesses have many different people involved, however your team is your biggest asset. So why don’t people have great interest in who they are and what their vision is?

A business can easily get caught up on figures and charts, but the bottom line is unless you all have the same vision you won’t be going anywhere. 

Morning meetings, genuine meaningful conversations and taking interest in someone’s life can be easily overlooked, the importance of truly caring can be underestimated. 

Corporate Angels is not about mass but about building true succesful relationships with the team and our partners. This interest isn’t just in regards to a calender of events but how everyone is doing and what they are achieving that month. 

We are happy to support Corporate Angel Lucy on her journey to become Miss England, as the official sponsors we have every bit of respect and appreciation for Lucy as a CA team member and incredible contestent! 

“Together Everyone Achieves More”

Events that entertain and not drain..

Thousands of events take place in London, and if you like to try different ones like we do here at CA, it’s difficult to know which will be the most productive.

Here are our top three tips to ensure you don’t waste your time ;

  • Plan your events calender three months in advance, this sounds dramatic but it’s so easy to get caught up in events just because they are on one specific night that you are free, if you make time for the ones that appeal to you most, this will be far more productive. 
  • Ask around, don’t be afraid to ask people in your industry what events they attend and recommend, the most effective way to find new events. 
  • Finally if you don’t find the right event with the people you wish to be around, embrace your inner entrepreneur and create your own! So many people in London (if you plan an do it right) would love to get involved and at least then you know you will be with the right crowd for the right reason.

Happy Friday all! 


Calzedonia girls got it right! 

Recently the Swimwear company Calzedonia had a well published trip abroad with a fantastic team of beautiful ladies who are all successful in their own right. 

After following the campaign and paying close attention to their new swimwear along with  regular instagram updates and live videos of the team shooting abroad, it really made me and thousands of other women realise the power of great campaigns! 

I’m so happy that campaigns are becoming far more common and can’t wait for the ones Corporate Angels have to come. Relating to property, jets and fashion! Truly understanding our partners and marketing this to potential clients and covering it all heavely on social media, is a true passion and not to mention effective and rewarding! 

If your business needs a boost please visit     Corp-angels.com.

Why Customer Service Needs a Boost

Corporate Angels work with the worlds finest clients in the lights of London, Cannes and Monaco. Customer service is something that is always top of our list. 

However if you visit America and compare it to the Brits, even the most basic business that is not 5* has excellent staff, that greet you with a smile and provide excellent service. 

Why do we have this gap? 

We as a team (Corporate Angels) have regular training sessions to provide exceptional customer service, improve our communication skills and strict specifications on how we must present and promote our partners at each event.

Ofcorse our level is extreme due to our business sector, however what’s to say manners and commen sense don’t accelerate Trip Advisor ratings and take your business from a 3* to a 5*. 

Greeting someone by their first name goes a long way and doesn’t cost a penny. There are always ways to implement simple habits into your daily rountine for you and your staff..

Social media 101

Social media is crucial, and every year it gets more and more important. CA are obsessed with social media so we are able to interact with our clients and followers, and truly understand what they want and like. So here are a few tips.

Linked in

Firstly understand your target audience and get connecting! Be specific and message individuals to ensure you become known in your field. Consistency is key, so remember people may forget you easily. Post useful tips and also things that relate to your business in a clever non direct manner.

This is very important! Ensure your profile is neat and that the photos you post are clear and of a good quality. People don’t like to look at things that aren’t clear. Build a following by interacting with your target market and cliental.

P.s don’t forget to regularly update your story by clicking on the profile photo!

I’m now going to enjoy whatching a seminar so have a pleasant evening from CA and please give us a follow ! Insta- CorporateAngels