Three ways to understand your client better

Corporate Angels have one main focus which is having a great relationship with our clients. Every business is completely different however there are three actions you can take to ensure you maintain a great relationship.

  1. Listen and don’t sell. Yes, this is probably a strange point coming from a businesswomen however the best business always happens alongside people you actually like and trust. Business is all about listening and understanding your clients, first you must develop a professional relationship and then ensure your product or service is of a high quality so when you are asked about this your pitch is perfect and ready to close.
  2. Always stick to your ideal cliental. When you first start in business this may not always be the case but further down the line you want to make sure the quality of your product matches your ideal cliental. This varies for everyone but here at Corporate Angels the trust and communication in B2B is crucial, you and your team always deserve respect.
  3. Response is key, after dealing with global events and HNW individuals we never underestimate the power f communication. Far too many people just assume clients know or leave it a long time before they respond. Ensure you focus on the right people and respond efficiently and politely. The tone always counts.

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Corporate Angels in Monaco for the Grand Prix

Travelling the world globally and connecting the world’s finest brands is a great passion of corporate Angels and doing this in Monaco at the F1 really doesn’t get any better!

We arrived on Thursday evening feeling ready for a very busy weekend of yachts and exciting F1 cars, the roar of the race is really second to none. The team had a full day of meetings on Friday connecting to our favourite yachts broker, bespoke fashion and aviation brands. So many exciting things will be coming up ahead, promoting and leveraging the companies these outstanding Individuals have created.

Saturday begin with the exciting qualifiers then onto a great race on Sunday, which was watched on a yacht directly next to the course, our team enjoyed the buzz whilst discussing our Abu Dhabi hospitality plan. As a Corporate Angel we are always planning ahead for our clients and taking on the world’s finest events!

The race was so thrilling, the yacht so elegant and the evening parties truly took your mind to the next level. A very exciting performance at Jimmy’s took place by Tyga who was the ex-partner of Kylie Jenner, organizing any hospitality in Monaco has never been a problem for the team so night like this were just part of the weekend!

Daniel Ricciardo won the event on Saturday and this just added to the excitement and fun of the whole weekend. Moving forward the team certainly know how to take on Monaco from the F1 excitement to outstanding hospitality and unforgettable business connections, joining our movement has never been better and in this environment who would want to be promoted as one of our luxury brands of choice. will be launching new experiences very soon but please don’t hesitate to contact us to understand how to leverage your brand even further. Until next time Monaco!

Corporate Angels at the Investors show 

After a very successful promotional event on Friday, the Angels are now preparing for exclusive, scary and phenomenal Halloween events around London .

When you work with the best and your Corporate Angels are No1, what could go wrong!

A little Monday tip , always work on impressing your niche and no one else. Your good at what you do with your target market. Specific and powerful is key .

Investors show London

Corporate events, private parties and our Corporate Angels

So the Corporate Angels participate in many events in London , but what truly makes our service special ? 

Private events are a big deal, they are normally exclusive, filled with the most important clients and guests .So why use our Corporate Angels ?

Only providing a service to the luxury industry, we understand the importance of pure perfection .From ensuring the event runs smoothly and people havea genuinely  enjoyable time. To ensuring your event receives excellent social media coverage ( if requested). We develop an exquisite atmosphere with the No1 UK Corporate Angel Platinum Service . We are truly world class promotions . 

When is your next event ?

Monaco Yacht Show & Corporate Angel Promotions Ltd

Monaco Yacht Show Hostesses

With only 3 days left to go, our Angels are preparing for one of the most luxurious and successful yachting events.

With business wear, and promotional training at the ready, we are excited to meet and work with some of the best and most knowledgeable yachting clients and brokers.

As the Corporate Angels always say, whats a luxury yacht without world class promotions ? and why spend millions on a super yacht if you can’t have the world best hostessing service on board …

The Corporate Angels and their true love for yachts continues to Monaco !

Corporate Angels have had an extremely busy month travelling from Cannes to Southampton, and now Monaco!

The true bliss of boats is a passion at Corporate Angel Promotions, one of which we work with exceptionally well.

Our ladies will be on the look out for some of the worlds finest yachts, whilst being busy behind the scenes developing our luxury yacht partnerships for 2017. We never fail to plan with the elite, and with the standard of service that  we provide, we are only looking to work with the worlds finest. With Monaco overflowing with the most incredible yachting businesses we will be sure to create an astronomical  wave of success.

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The Corporate Angels, and how we keep our class for halloween events

Well Halloween is on its way ! and Corporate Angels are fully booked throughout spooky London. All of our blonde and beautiful angels will be spookyfied for halloween.

We shall present beautiful world class promotions (as always) but create fabulous looks with witches, ghost and vampires….remember to stay classy with your costumes and ensure the scariness is maxed. We love halloween spirit, but make sure you watch all the sweeties and tricks !

What ever the spacial event, we will team together with London’s finest, to create a jaw dropping atmosphere. For all booking enquiries please email

Stay posted for photos, Happy Halloween preparation.

Corporate Angels, a bit about us.

Corporate Angel Promotions, was created by Melanie Grace (company director) based in London.

Corporate Angel Promotions , are an international brand. Providing the world’s finest and most beautiful intelligent models to improve the credibility of a brand. Focusing on an exclusive amount of customers in the luxury sector, Corporate Angels work closely with key businesses, to create a new dynamic of promotional activity, and brand authority. Clients are varied from the yachting industry to private and corporate events. All of which they assist to ensure each event attendee receives a first class service. Developing their knowledge and involvement with the business, leading to an improved business to business relationship, prestige brand authority and improved financial results.

For more information visit, also available on Facebook and instagram @CorporateAngels.

The purpose of a Corporate Angel, and why we create a successful partnership

So business can be up, down, sideways and backwards… but one thing that won’t change, is how customers remember you and your event. This is not numbers or statistics that drop or go round in circles, this is something on another level.


You can be the market leader! but unless someone receives a rememberable service of class, elegance, patience and useful information, they will take a leaflet, take a stroll, grab a Starbucks and BIN it.

So Corporate Angels are here! (halo moment), creating corporate client relationships, building the next level of brand recognition, with world class elegance and ease. We don’t work for you, but with you. Deeply understanding YOUR business and displaying exactly what you wish your customers to experience. Providing the highest quality of information and beauty.

Clients will feel comfortable and special, leading your business to emphasize professionalism and another level of world class luxury service.

Why not contact us, to see how we can integrate world class promotions into your world..

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Cannes Yacht Show with corporate Angels

Arriving early Tuesday morning, me and my business partner Anna, were hit by the beauty and warmth of Cannes. Stunning Yachts, exquisite businesses and of corse excellent food. We attended out first meeting and after a few hours passed by, we realised how our business was the perfect fit for this elegant, and prestigious festival.

With private dinners and busy days we continued to absorb the ambiance, also realising the importance of the show for each business. So surely the ladies working must have the same idea.

Our goal is to provide World class Promotions, falling in love with the show just as much as you. We wish to proudly display and represent the luxury yachts. Translating every fine detail with class and beauty. And of corse at all shows the yachts are a great place to relax, but we wish to achieve results 24/7 . Continuously being pro active with social media, developing client relationships and understanding your business, we only work with the best, therefore we must understand and deliver this. Building a true relationship on business, knowledge and success.