Founder & CEO

Miss M. Grace

With a vision to create a new outstanding era of luxury event assistance, Melanie founded Corporate Angel Promotions Ltd. After 10 years of experience in the luxury brand and promotional industry, Melanie dedicated a great deal of time to research and reinvent how brand ambassadors are seen today.

“Corporate Angels represent event millennials, combining artistic hospitality with marketing intelligence, I dedicate my time to working alongside the best in the industry, creating a shell for exceptional talent and brands who truly wish to revolutionise their customer experience.”

After Corporate Angels was founded in September 2016, Melanie has worked with some of the world’s most exclusive businesses, developing trust, awareness and great care in representing brands in the best possible way. This is only possible due to how much Melanie truly values the relationship that she has with her team, creating a safe and pleasant working environment for all who are considered part of the CA family.