The Next Wave of Innovation at the 2019 Paris Air Show

Every 2 years, Paris plays host to one of the world’s biggest air shows. This year, Corporate Angels are thrilled to be attending the 2019 Paris International Air Show in Le-Bourget. The show takes place from the 17th-23rd of June, and it’s shaping up to be one of the most exciting yet.

The show brings together the latest aircraft and aerospace technologies, followed by the best aircraft flying demonstrations. In 2017, the show brought together 2,381 international exhibitors, 142 000 trade visitors and 180 000 visitors from around the world. 140 aircraft were present in both flying displays and exhibitions. However, the real buzz took place inside the halls, where thousands of B2B business meetings took place.

We can only expect much more for this years event. The air show is making its mark for its 53rd year with industry leaders such as Airbus to key developers highlighting innovative technologies that include electric aircraft, urban air mobility vehicles and autonomous advancements.

If you’re in Paris for the event, you’ll be in for a real treat. If not, you can also follow along- The Corporate Angels team will be sharing posts in real time via our instagram.

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Angel Wings

It has been a mammoth month for the Angels, we have been in four countries representing our amazing clients.

Our first stop was Singapore – where we attended the Blockchain Life Forum, we also attended meetings to globalise the Corporate Angels brand and maximise our presence in Asia, starting with the infamous Formula 1 race coming up in September.

Secondly we attended the Vapitaly Show in the beautiful Verona, representing our Vape clients JUUCE E-Liquid. We had a fantastic three day show with five of the CA team assisting with client engagement, live social media feeds and product showcasing.

Monaco Grand Prix – the epic luxury race! This is one of our main events throughout the year where we assist Xclusive Yachts – our Middle East charter service partners. Our core team from London flew in to assist on-board a superyacht, welcoming guests, assisting with Auction sales and promoting upcoming events, we vote 2019 our best yet!

Last on the list straight from Nice airport we headed to Stuttgart with JUCCE, the largest of the European Vape shows – Hall of Vapes. Another three day bonanza of Electronic Vapor products and E-cigars, e cigarettes, E-Liquid and hardwares.

As June unfolds we have plenty more trips on the horizon, keep a look out we have some amazing content to show you!

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The Importance of having a global presence

With our busiest month approaching, we thought it was quite fitting to write about the significance of having a global presence ( p.s the CA team are in a whopping four different locations this month! )

For small and emerging businesses, going global is a significant undertaking that could disrupt existing business activities. Thus, executing maximum exposure on a day-to-day basis is a dynamic process enabling a deep understanding of the targeted markets, the competition, current local market trends, and the requirements to successfully launch and drive growth to support a lasting foundation.

Each market has its own challenges due to cultural, governmental, economic and market conditions. It is important to develop a localised strategy and business plan that drives local success while remaining integrated with the overall targeted strategy and objectives of your brand.

Expanding your business overseas is not for everyone, but for most companies it will be inevitable as global markets offer greater opportunities for growth, especially if you are working alongside a global conglomerate.

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ABACE Aviation 2019

Take-off! (Quite Literally)

Day one of the formidable Abace Aviation show kicks off, with strong focus sessions covering topics such as business jet finance, maintenance, and airport access, as well as a market outlook panel.

This is a glamorous affair located in Shanghai, debuting the finest luxuries life can offer and proving a more sustainable future for aircrafts is on the horizon with educational sessions on electric aircraft and urban air mobility.

The three-day conference and exhibition has been going strong for eight years and upholds more than 150 exhibitors and over 30 aircrafts across the spectrum of business aircraft including pistons, intercontinental jets and helicopters. This year in particular has a show spectacle debut from EVA Airways, who will present a luxury liner equipped for 19 passengers and laden with Hermes interior.

Travel in style or not at all, CA Moto!

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Heritage and historical renaissance

Heritage and historical renaissance

In our fast-paced society, where spending time in the moment is being overtaken by the next best thing, we look to our current market demands. Surprisingly bringing back historical interventions in the form of events and experiences are at the top.

We’re looking for experiences, not just as a way to celebrate our exciting, globe-trotting lifestyles, but also to promote the breadth of our understanding and knowledge of the world and somewhat catapult us back into a classical and swinging 60’s era.

Luxury and bespoke services are emerging to nurture these small communities of high net worth beau monde, who desire a richness of storytelling enhanced by the personal touch of interesting, unique and sometimes unexpected connections.

Albeit this is not just aimed at an aristocratic sixty something looking for a little panache, it is desired from the time abundant society of adventure seekers, with a strictly invite only policy.

As the demand for luxury experience grows, brands that do this will lead the way, though the real winners are surely the customers who will have access to ever richer, more interesting and engaging experiences.

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A strategic digital game plan

A strategic digital game plan.

In today’s digital world, everyone has a home field advantage. We have the ability to connect with our customers directly and engage with them in ways that are unique to our target audiences. Major sports leagues are dominating this arena using innovative engagement capabilities to drive personalised fan conversations, extend the fan experience to new channels, and create year-round relationships for seasonal products.

Mobile technology has opened up new possibilities for the way fans interact with clubs and brought so much crucial data to our fingertips. By creating portals and channels to foster community is a key in keeping fans engaged. Creating these online experiences and communities allows fans to feel like they are part of something.

Personalization is important in all industries. By connecting with customers on a one-to-one level, they will feel a deeper connection to your brand. Personalization gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with fans that will keep them coming back.

Through the sharing of moments that the fan in the stadium has really connected with, the club can bring some of the atmosphere to the fan who is following remotely.

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Royal Ascot

The Corporate Angels team usually frequent the pavements of Mayfair whilst in town, however last week we took a rare trip to the beautiful countryside to explore new possibilities and attend meetings at Royal Ascot.

From the enviable historical resonance to its very Royal ownership, the aura around the land is certainly breath-taking.

With one of the largest hospitality event spaces conveniently located just an hour from London, it is set to be a turntable of innovation and event extremism (subject to Royal approval) already in place are some formidable experiences, capturing the young market of tech and digital entrepreneurs.

We have a list of possibilities for this amazing venue and will be sharing some interesting opportunities along the way.

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Sharing is caring

The team have recently been in Dubai visiting our partners and launching new business, we had a lovely afternoon finding out all about the new concept of Yacht Sharing with Xclusive Yachts.

The Xclusive Yacht Share Cruise operates three times a day from Sunday to Thursday, enabling a true social experience, aboard a 64ft bluewater yacht that offers all the comforts and amenities of a modern super yacht.

Whether you are networking with peers or building new business relationships, being out at sea with the most unbelievable views and clear skies couldn’t be a more sophisticated setting.

Luxury living with purpose, what a fantastic concept Xclusive!

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What the Quant is that?

Marketing and data are the most widely used terminologies in reflection of our data driven society, understanding the genomics of the research and methodologies goes a little deeper.

Quantitative Research is a key component to understand our target audiences, what customers are doing, where they are clicking from and why.  It is used to quantify attitudes, opinions, behaviours, and other defined variables –this is key for your social media team as it uses measurable data to formulate facts and uncover patterns in research (target audience capture = winning!)

Meanwhile… Qualitative data is more soul-full and engages more of our personal interaction on- top of the previously mentioned Quant data. Methods used in data collection include various forms of surveys – online surveys / mobile surveys and face-to-face interviews, online polls, and systematic observations.

In a world of Big Data, use these dynamic marketing trends to stay ahead of the competition.

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The Buzzword of 2019

The Buzzword of 2019

What is Strategy?

These are the big decisions that drive everything else — all your investments, hiring, development, timelines, etc. The big decisions that allow everyone to make cohesive plans and truly work toward the same objectives.

We have chosen to feature this as it relates entirely to driving our luxury market, specifically Digital Strategy, what is your business trying to achieve and how can data help you get there?

Some ideas of ours;
– Seeking a single ideal competitive position in an industry.
– Benchmarking and adopting best practices.
– Aggressive outsourcing and partnering to improve efficiencies.
– Focusing on a few key success factors, critical resources, and core competencies.
– Rapidly responding to ever-evolving competitive and market changes.

Over the last year this has been our hidden gem for company growth, whether it is for your personal brand, client representation or company goal, having a definitive end target implemented by a strong strategy increases your chances of the adverse effects of a tech takeover.

Knowing your clients and optimising their desires aids in tailoring specifically, smarter products and services that react to each user’s unique needs and habits.

Happy Strategising

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