The Top Three things to consider when hiring the perfect hostess

The Top Three things to consider when hiring the perfect hostess

The Top Three things to consider when hiring the perfect hostess

Corporate Angels have the pleasure of meeting and working alongside so many wonderful ladies who all have excellent education, great professional backgrounds and a confident and bubbly personality, but what do we really look for here at CA?

With over 5 years of experience with hostesses and Brand Ambassadors our CEO Melanie Grace has become very specific on what qualities the perfect hostess must have and would love to share them with you!

Hostess Quality One – The Response
As a hostess (especially in luxury) the time it takes you to respond is vital and differentiates hostesses greatly. Whether it may be an email prior to an interview or getting back to a client, being aware and also responsive shows great punctuality and as a hostess this is key. Corporate Angels must respond within 24 hours and this is a great target to aim for.

Hostess Quality Two – Strong Energy
As a hostess so many people rely on your positivity to welcome them and improve their day. A polite greeting can change everything and a nice smile goes a long way. Over time after looking at hostesses at events its normally this quality that you can see at the end of the day. Having the stamina to maintain a positive attitude is very important.

Hostess Quality Three – Look After You
Being the face of a brand and always maintaining a clean and classic image is key, clean nails and neat hair and make-up is very important because it shows you care and look after yourself. Personally, this is a wonderful quality so always remain classy and elegant. Ways to do this is having a lovely manicure and its always a nice idea to keep work wear at knee length to really show respect.

Corporate Angels will be launching the Corporate Angel Millennial Program this week to ensure we empower women in business globally with the best workplace tips and advice!

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