The branding of your business 

Branding is something that can be seen as an exceptionally important factor.. and it is. But do you know what is the most important part behind the brand? 

The story.

Corporate Angels launched to create a new era of event models. After many years of event staff and hostesses been seen as just doing this work on the side, and it being looked over as a profession, CA stepped in. 

What about the luxury sectors and the demand for excellence and pure quality? In this day and age when exhibitions require event models as an extension of their brand to increase income, when yachting needs ladies who know about the yachts and could capture that incredible experience and share it throughout a luxury show, whilst giving tours and building social media for the brand. 

People care about your story! and we are basically here to help you share that story in the most beautiful, elegant and informative way possible. This is a new era, and the CA team are enjoying every moment of creating that extra step for every brand we are truly grateful to partner with.

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We are a Covid-19 safe agency - our staff are trained on social distancing and health and safety at events and exhibitions.


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