Social media 101

Social media is crucial, and every year it gets more and more important. CA are obsessed with social media so we are able to interact with our clients and followers, and truly understand what they want and like. So here are a few tips.

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Firstly understand your target audience and get connecting! Be specific and message individuals to ensure you become known in your field. Consistency is key, so remember people may forget you easily. Post useful tips and also things that relate to your business in a clever non direct manner.

This is very important! Ensure your profile is neat and that the photos you post are clear and of a good quality. People don’t like to look at things that aren’t clear. Build a following by interacting with your target market and cliental.

P.s don’t forget to regularly update your story by clicking on the profile photo!

I’m now going to enjoy whatching a seminar so have a pleasant evening from CA and please give us a follow ! Insta- CorporateAngels 

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