Why Customer Service Needs a Boost

Corporate Angels work with the worlds finest clients in the lights of London, Cannes and Monaco. Customer service is something that is always top of our list. 

However if you visit America and compare it to the Brits, even the most basic business that is not 5* has excellent staff, that greet you with a smile and provide excellent service. 

Why do we have this gap? 

We as a team (Corporate Angels) have regular training sessions to provide exceptional customer service, improve our communication skills and strict specifications on how we must present and promote our partners at each event.

Ofcorse our level is extreme due to our business sector, however what’s to say manners and commen sense don’t accelerate Trip Advisor ratings and take your business from a 3* to a 5*. 

Greeting someone by their first name goes a long way and doesn’t cost a penny. There are always ways to implement simple habits into your daily rountine for you and your staff..

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We are a Covid-19 safe agency - our staff are trained on social distancing and health and safety at events and exhibitions.


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