How to Hire a Brand Ambassador

Hiring a brand ambassador can have a very positive effect on your event and performance. Events are often stressful and a lot busier than the normal office days. Brand ambassadors have been used for many years and are a great way to have extra support for specific events so you feel you can provide customers with the best quality of service whilst also keeping your event organized. However, the most important factor is the quality and experience of your selected ambassador. If you recruit badly, this can have the opposite effect on your event and you will spend more time training and babysitting that individual, appose to working well with your team.


Here are the best ways to hire a Brand Ambassador:


  1. Decide what kind of support you need. Brand Ambassadors are experts at organizing events, helping promote products and presenting your brand in a great way. Some agencies (Like us) also help with social media posting on the day. Once you have identified the exact role this will help you choose the right agency and create a job brief.
  2. Select an agency that matches your requirements. There are so many agencies out there that provide excellent quality of staff and specialize in different fields and levels of promotions. Whether it is Grid Girls, General Brand Ambassadors, leafleting, exhibitions or Premium Quality Ambassadors that specialize in Luxury, be sure to find an agency that matches your brand and budget. This can be easily don’t with a google search and picking the top three that you feel match your brand image.
  3. The first process is that agencies will then contact you back and send over a quote and profiles. This process is normally fairly quick and can be completed within 1-5 working days depending on the agency.
  4. Once you have selected the profiles of your brand ambassadors, then you must make sure your event brief is accurate and your booking is confirmed.
  5. For bookings to be confirmed this normally involves an agency agreement being signed and a deposit being paid (This will vary depending on the agency). Be sure to check reviews and testimonials before you sign the contract to ensure the agency has a good reputation and money won’t be lost.
  6. Prior to the event we always recommend doing a brand ambassador training session. This can be a separate day, the evening before the event or before the event starts. At Corporate Angels we collect information on your product/service before-hand and share this with our team and recommend training the day before. However, we understand if the job description is quite brief, a small training 30-minute session prior to the event will do the trick.


That is a brief overview of the journey that you will undergo when hiring a brand ambassador. Other things to consider include:


  • Event uniform – What do you want your brand ambassadors to wear and will you provide this or the agency?
  • Do you want a WhatsApp group? This normally helps the first morning of the event when some ambassadors struggle with the exact location
  • Allow plenty of time the first day and make sure everyone arrives on time
  • Be sure to take lots of photos as it looks great when your team looks so big with the help of additional team members

Corporate Angels provide brand ambassadors to the world’s leading luxury brands such as NetJets, Jaguar and Monster Energy. It would be our pleasure to help you through the above journey making it as easy and stress-free as possible. Please visit for more information.


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