How to Increase Sales in 2020 – Luxury Brands

With 2020 now beginning everyone is looking to improve and make this year twice as good as the last. Marketing and promotions are great, but it all comes down to conversion and understanding what methods actually work. Over the years Corporate Angels have tried hundreds of different ways – trying to understand the best methods that actually convert. Here are the top three ways that our team generated more sales in 2020;

  1. Attend events, we understand the power of digital but nothing quite works like classic networking events. When Corporate Angels started we were attending a minimum of three events per week! It is so important to schedule these events in your calendar and look out for the best quality ones. The more you do, the pickier you can become. Quality is everything but to start, just get out there and start collecting business cards. Face to face relationships are priceless and a great way to build your network locally. A good place to start is Eventbrite or come to one of our Luxury Brand Members events in Mayfair.
  1. Social Media is an extremely powerful tool that not many people know how to use (especially luxury brands who think staying low key is cool..) However direct messaging your target audience, using great hashtags and posting great regular content is a brilliant way to increase engagement and get more people to follow and engage with your brand. Remember, the more eyes you have on a variety of platforms, the more chance you have to increase sales. We have found our top-performing platforms to be LinkedIn and Instagram.
  1. Our third and final tip is to use a good sales funnel! Attending great events is brilliant especially when you are meeting good quality contacts and HNW individuals, however, did you know 44% of people give up after the first no and it takes on average 5 follow up’s until a sales achieved? Yes, that’s five! And for luxury brands, the buyers are far more selective and relaxed so we found that this may be closer to 8 attempts. Sales funnels such as Pipedrive are a great way to track leads so you never miss out on an opportunity.

If you need help achieving success on social media please don’t hesitate to contact the Corporate Angels Team and we would love to help. Alternatively, check out our podcast The Melanie Grace Show to stay updated with all of our top Luxury Brand Tips.

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