How to Build your Luxury brands Instagram following in 2020

Instagram has around 1 Billion people use the platform every month and around 500 million people use Instagram stories every day. With such high figures and with so many eyes watching it is vital that you make use of this and engage with your target audience. Here are our top three tips to grow your Instagram following in 2020:

  1. Create great contests

Contests are a fantastic way to engage with people at scale, whether it be giving away a free luxury or experience and asking people to use your hashtag. A great example of this is Four Seasons. They created a contest in several cities and ask users to take pictures of certain landmarks in different cities, the best photo winning a weekend stay at the hotel. This is a great contest as it is easy to get involved, people love taking photos and the luxury hotel is being tagged and shared thousands of times. What contest could you do?

  1. Partner with micro-influencers

Luxury brands have been partnering with influencers for a few years now and it’s a great way to tap into someone else’s audience that fits your target demographic. However, with luxury brands wanting a more personal touch (especially for boutique-style stores) micro-influencers may be an option. You don’t have to pay a lot of money and the micro-influencers may only have between 10,000-50,000 followers, but the key is that the relationship and engagement that they have with their audience is high. With luxury items being purchased on a

  1. Use High Quality content (and lots of it)

On Instagram the quality of your images and videos is crucial. As a leading luxury brand clean, precise and pixel rich images are key. If you want to spice things up you can always use UGC (User Generated Content) this engages with your audience and build trust and authenticity. Other way’s include making use of posting up-to 9 images per post. The more time people spend on your content the stronger presence that your Image will collect.

We hope you have enjoyed the above tips, remember to include these strategies in your content calendar and plan your social in advance. For any further questions or marketing support please contact



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