Luxury Retail Store Trends 2020

Luxury retail stores are having to completely rethink the customer experience that they  provide in order to stay ahead of the competitive market and increase of shopper preferring to purchase the luxury goods online, here are the top three trends that will help you stay ahead of the game;


  1. It’s all about the experience. You have to be smart and think about what differentiates you from purchasing online. Online is definitely easier, quicker and sometimes cheaper but what makes you special? From greeting the customer with a glass of champagne to having a beautifully decorated store that is Instagram worthy. Adding the right scents and detail to the customer journey are elements an iPhone will never be able to replace. Rethinking and improving your customer journey quarterly is vital in order to stay ahead of the game.
  2. How can your store be Instagram worthy? This sounds ridiculous but will make people flood through the door. With around 1 billion monthly active users, people will do anything and go anywhere to get that famous Instagram worthy shot. A perfect example of this is Elan café pictured below who was able to expand increasingly fast due to its popularity on social media. Great ways you can make your store worthy include:

–      A flower wall

–      Decorate your ceiling with unique hanging designs

–      Have a masterpiece in the center of the room that people can stand by

–      Have a feature wall with extravagant wallpaper and include a selfie light


Quotes are also a great way to attract attention.

  1. Don’t be scared of technology. I recently visited Hestens Beds who were approached by Apple to fully digitalize their shopping process via and iPhone and App. This cure down on 90% of paperwork and allowed customers to design their very own bed whilst lying on it! Think about how you can make the customer experience far easier and personal.


If you require any support with your luxury events or managing your social media, please don’t hesitate to contact the Corporate Angels team. We look forward to making your journey far more special.

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