What Does A Promotional Model Do?

Promotional models specialize in providing support to events, this may be by helping promote products, handing out leaflets, talking to potential clients or assisting with the hospitality at the events whilst having some knowledge of the brand. The difference between models and promotional models is that promotional models often help to organize events or to promote businesses, and not used for photo shoots or for catwalk shows. Different types of promotional models include;

1. Exhibition and Trade Show Models

Trade show and exhibition models take on roles such as distributing flyers, handing out free samples, demonstrating a product, attracting guests to the stand and answering questions. Exhibition models are a fantastic way to generate leads and engage with new clients why your full-time staff of busy with existing clients that need more time. Training is beneficial to ensure your exhibition models know your basic pitch and event goals.


2. Brand Ambassadors

In 2020 we have seen a great increase in both brand ambassador online and off-line. Brand Ambassadors online often partner with a brand and offer discount codes and post about that brand’s product or services so online sales increase through their social media platform. Offline brand ambassadors are similar to promotional models and are hired to positively represent a brand and adopt their culture at events so people feel they are part of the company. Thus providing more at event support and a positive brand image.

2. Retail Store Demonstrator

Retail store staff are most commonly hired around Christmas time for specific campaigns and promotional activities. Retail store demonstrators work with a brand and are responsible for demonstrating products and talking with new potential customers in-store. This is a successful technique if your staff are not shy and believe in the product that they are selling. Many of the beauty brands adopt this technique in large department stores.

Promotional models convince consumers to invest in a product or service. They’re hired to represent a brand by interacting with customers in person; sometimes there’s also an online element to the job. It’s necessary for promotional models to fit a certain image, to have solid public speaking skills, and to be knowledgeable about both the brand and product. While many promotional modeling jobs are one-off gigs, some brands prefer to work with the same models for several events. The benefit of hiring the same models is that they already have background knowledge of the brand and require less training to get up to speed. If you require our trusted support for your luxury brand please don’t hesitate t

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Author: Melanie Grace


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