How To Become a Promotional Model – In 5 Steps

Becoming a promotional model can be great fun. It is a good opportunity to manage your own time, select the jobs you wish to do and work for brands that you love. Jobs can range from supercar exhibitions, beauty events and registration jobs depending on what type of agency you sign-up to. To get started take the below 5 Steps;


Step One: Take good pictures that can be used by agencies


You have to remember promotional models are different to fashion or catwalk models as they are more active at events and have more of a business persona. Your photos should not be bikini or underwear shots, unprofessional, pouting or unclear but just great quality images (these can be done on your phone using a clear background). Our top photo tips include;


  • Dress professionally and look smart
  • Have your hair and make-up neat but not too overdone
  • Have a headshot with a nice smile and also a full-length shot too


Top Tip: If you have done promotional modeling in the past and are applying to get more work, using images with customers or reputable brands are preferred. Agencies may also ask for your measurements when you apply so be sure to have a measuring tape at hand and complete as much as you can.



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Step two: Complete your CV


All agencies will normally request your CV when you apply to join. To ensure you have a great chance of being accepted, highlight any education that you have, multilingual skills and previous jobs that involve promoting brands. Other jobs include marketing, modeling, receptionist work, personal assistance etc


Corporate Angels always favor ladies with a degree, business background and luxury brand experience however other agencies require no experience at all.


If you need more support writing your CV, please view this video


Step Three: Decide your niche


Most people just Google ‘Promotional model agencies’ and just start to apply. However it is far better to take on work that you enjoy. You may have to join more general agencies to begin with so you can get some experience. However, here’s an overview of some of the different types of agencies and the ones that we recommend;


  • General staffing work, this includes handing out flyers, working at exhibitions, brand activations and support staff for big festival and events. Agencies that we can recommend for this include Activ8 Live and Mash Staffing


  • More elegant promotional modelling work, this includes promoting brands mainly at exhibitions and trade shows, sampling products and interacting with new customers, the top agency that we recommend for this is Exhibition Girls


  • Ring girl’s and Grid Girls this includes promotional models that work on tracks for different races and also promote boxing matches in the ring. An agency we recommend for this includes Grid girls


  • VIP Hostesses and Luxury Promotional Models, this includes promoting brands such as Formula One and working at glamorous events such as Monaco Yacht Show. These jobs are very glamorous and often involve working with celebrities and CEO’s. The agency we recommend for this is Corporate Angels who only focus on luxury however require a high level of skill from their team.



Step Four: Apply To Agencies

 You may either use the agencies that we recommended above or take a look on google yourself. Always check testimonials and look at the brands and experience the agency has had to ensure they are reputable. If you are starting out, it is always best to apply to a few agencies so you can start by getting lots of experience and your chances of being accepted increase. Remember always stay positive as there is an agency out there for everyone.

Book and Ambassador


Step Five: Stay active on social media

Social media is a great way for agencies to find you and get scouted. Our best social media tips are;


  1. Post great quality images that are elegant and professional
  2. Hashtag #PromoModel #PromotionalModel #BrandAmbassador and if you want #OfficialAngel and tag @CorporateAngels. We always love to give new promo models a shout out : )
  3. Include Promotional model in your bio
  4. Join Promo Fos on Facebook, this is the largest group for promotional models and is a great platform for knowledge and work


The boring stuff..

 Please make sure if you are joining agencies you take a good look through all agency contracts as they may differ. Pay close attention to payment and also health and safety making sure you are registered with PAYE or self-employed (some older agencies still have this structure). Please make sure you have the correct insurance and sign the contract once you have read through everything!


Corporate Angel has been operating for over 5 years and has assisted some of the world’s finest luxury brands such as Jaguar and Fendi. Please don’t hesitate to follow @corporateangels on Instagram and Request To join!


Author: Melanie Grace



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