How Luxury Brands Are Using Promotional Models to make Millions

For hundreds of years, incredible women have been used to promote amazing brands and featured in some of the most iconic films. Today we are outlining both new and old groups that have shaped the way products have been sold and movies have been seen.


  1. Kylie Jenner“The Lip Kit Crew”

Kylie recently took her close friends on holiday to promote her most recent kylie Lip Kit Line. This promotional event shows just how powerful celebrities and social media influencers are. By branding a private jet and posting a story that related to the journey, the Lip Kit Sales hit an all-time high and each friend (also influencer) was equally engaged. Other social media tricks included everyone having matching tracksuits and a kylie lip kit goody bag.











  1. Charlies Angels

Charlies Angelswas a television series that was created in 1976 with three iconic women who were all detectives. This was recently relaunched and created into a film in 2019 starring stars such as Kristen Stewart. Charlie’s Angelsare well known globally and have been seen as superwomen, they are iconic in the way they have stuck together throughout history and created an empowered image for women globally.


  1. Monster Energy Girls

The Monster Energy Girls have been used to promote many Monster Energy events and their partners for many years. Events you will find the Monster Energy Girls include Abu Dhabi F1, Nascar and famous biking and supercar events. All of the ladies have a distinctive look and can always be found wearing the traditional black and green uniform with black boots. The Monster Energy Girls have increased the brands presence


Corporate Angelshave been providing VIP Event Modelsand Brand Ambassadors for many years and truly see the power ok having a well-presented team in your brands uniform to promote your products and services. This may be at or through an influencer trip abroad. This tactic is becoming far more popular despite the speculations. If you would like a team to assist your next event, exhibition or brand activation please don’t hesitate to contact

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