2020 Global Luxury Exhibition Trends You Need To Know

With over 32,000 exhibitions taking place every year, it has never been more important to stay on track with current exhibition trends. Exhibitions have always been a great way to showcase your new products and services whilst meeting industry leaders. With the luxury market forever competing on service and experience, we believe these trends will be shaping the future:


Interactive Experience

An interactive experience has never been so important. With so many stands just having nice décor, leaflets available and a few chairs, it is crucial that you stand out. Luxury brands need to consider their target audience and provide them with the opportunity to interact in an elegant manner. Whether this is by personalizing their favourite items at the stand and allowing customers to choose the colour of thread or providing a virtual racing experience, think outside of the box.


5 Star Hospitality

This should take place the moment someone steps into your stand. From a pleasant greeting to offering your customers a glass of champagne whilst ensuring their needs are met in a busy setting is very important. If you have brand ambassadors working with you or hostesses, you should ensure they greet everyone with a smile and offer excellent customer service. What are your stand journey and key touch-points?


 Virtual Reality

Studies show that 53% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that uses VR than one that doesn’t. This is because, to the typical customer, you’re showing that your brand is at the forefront of technology in a rapidly changing world. This technology works extremely well with luxury items, such as touring a superyacht or penthouse that can-not be easily accessed at the time of the exhibition.


Data Collection

Data collection is vital and is often a key point that is not taken seriously at exhibitions, data provides two key things. An accurate understanding of the ROI (Return on investment) for the show and also new business leads that must be followed up. Some great apps that allow you to record leads easily include;


  • Survtapp – Survey style approach
  • Camcard– Business card scanner and collection
  • Cvent Lead capture– Add tradeshow lead capture and


Remember if you have a scanner and are scanning people’s badges, at a luxury event this may not seem too elegant. A better way to do this is by collecting their business card if sharing yours. Time and discretion are key. Make sure once you have this card and the individual has left, all of this data is recorded ASAP.


Celebrities vs Influencers

Celebrities are well known for making guest-appearance at large events and exhibitions, how-ever why not engage with someone who can also create content? Engaging with an influencer that matches your brand for an exhibition is a great way to generate traffic to your stand and also launch a competition or meet and great. Other pro’s of influencers Is the fact they will be posting online and you will have content that receives profitable results not only before the show but after too.

We hope you have enjoyed these tips. If you prefer listening to great luxury brand marketing and event information, please don’t hesitate to subscribe to our podcast The Melanie Grace Show.


Author: Melanie Grace 

Hostess and Brand Ambassadors: Corp-angels.com



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