What Promotional Models can do during Covid19

As a promotional model, you rely on assisting many great events all year round. From Summer festivals to the Formula Oneand Christmas promotions there are always many great opportunities to get involved with. Now Coronavirus has impacted the events industry, it is more important than ever to ensure you remain calm as a self-employed business owner and take the following steps;


  1. Build your personal brand

It is so important as a promotional model to build your brand and have a good reputation. This can include keeping your Instagram account updated with great modelling and professional images, joining Facebook groups and creating a Facebook business page. Make sure you post your experience and share the work of brands that you have recently worked with along with your favourite events, remember to tag agencies, exhibitions and brands to ensure you are found.


  1. Update your profile and agencies

We have all been through a time where we have preferred certain work to others and maybe preferred working with a certain style of brand. Whether this is relaxed or formal, now is the perfect time to asses this and update your agency profiles as well as apply to other new agencies! (Don’t forget Corporate Angels)


  1. Get some testimonials

As a promotional model, I am certain you will always hear praise and good feedback when you do a good job. Now is an excellent time to ensure you email clients or your agencies and get this feedback in testimonial form. This is great to use on social media and also on your agency profiles.


  1. Keep up to date with the government scheme

To date, you can find all of the latest information here https://www.gov.uk/guidance/claim-a-grant-through-the-coronavirus-covid-19-self-employment-income-support-scheme

Currently, the government is saying the will contact you mid-May so you can apply for this scheme, this will be sure to take a lot of pressure off. This scheme will allow you to claim a taxable grant worth 80% of your trading profits up to a maximum of £2,500 a month.


  1. Rave about the brands you love

Now is the perfect time to support existing clients and brands by posting about them and featuring them on social media, you could even drop them an email and ask if they have any ambassador or influencer opportunities if you have a good following! The most valuable clients and agencies are the ones that you stick with over time so be sure to always have their back and they will remember you when their events start to happen again. A great example that I have seen of this is the Monster Energy girls who have been promoting the brand and using some creative techniques such as TikTok.

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing lockdown, If you would like to hear more tips and advice please follow my podcast The Melanie GraceShow and don’t hesitate to visit corp-angels.com to apply as a premium promotional model for the exciting events to come!


Author:Melanie Grace

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