Conference Success Tips with Corporate Angels

Attending conferences can be profitable and lead to great opportunities. Conferences such as the World Economic Forum in Davos in Switzerland are renowned for attracting some of the world’s greatest minds to discuss global economic topics. If you are attending or exhibiting at a conference we highly recommend the following tips to ensure you are well prepared:


  1. Arrange your meetings

Conferences hold a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals from all over the world. If you have been following thought leaders on LinkedIn or need to speak with one of your clients, now is the perfect time to connect and arrange a coffee. People like to plan, so if you don’t arrange a meeting you will more-than-likely miss this opportunity. Do not leave it until the last minute.


  1. Connect through pre-event social media

If there isn’t anyone you would like to meet, then connect with the conference on social media and see who is attending and engaging. This is a great time to gain new followers and comment on posts so people can see you too will have a presence at the event.

  1. Get lots of content

An event can be profitable in many ways, the most obvious being generating new leads. However, If your company is active on social media this is a great time to get photos and videos from the show and also images with other colleagues and business partners to use on LinkedIn. A great way to grow your following organically.


  1. Take notes at the conference

Guest speakers usually have some excellent points and share great knowledge. Check who is speaking prior to attending and be sure to make lots of notes. We only normally rememebr 30% of what we see and on average 20% of what we hear, so be sure to bullet point the most important facts.


  1. Plan a team follow-up

Be sure to follow up with any prospects within 24 hours and sit down with your team when you return to identify what worked and didn’t work from the event. It is important to improve and always create a stringer exhibition plan.


Author: Melanie Grace


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