The Future of Luxury Events – Part Two

Although events have been on hold since Covid19, there are still many reasons to look forward to the future. Event technology is forever changing the world we live in and making it more accessible than ever to truly enjoy new virtual experiences. Here are my next top two luxury event trends;

Augmented Reality

AR is the next transformative technology, with every major company in the world interested or involved in its development and application. At the moment, our physical and digital worlds are mostly separate. AR has the power to merge the two by combining our daily lives with a digital experience.

But what does this mean for events? Location-aware branded hologram characters could materialize when you are nearing a particular stand, encouraging you to stop by. This may include virtual tour guides and hostesses. Meanwhile, networking sessions could be transformed, bringing participants together in a treasure-hunt style virtual mission. The real value of AR for events lies here, in the gamification of an otherwise work-related exhibition – in other words, making the experience fun.


Projection mapping

If you’re looking to enhance the attendee experience, an augmented reality technology called projection mapping can create excitement and engagement. Videos, graphics, animation, and other creative content are projected onto any surface, turning everyday structures into vibrant, interactive 3D displays. A recent example of this was the Sydney Opera House. When it speared edges were transformed into a colorful show.

project mapping events


Technology in events is moving incredibly fast and it is the responsibility of the event organizers to incorporate this. Being in the luxury sector, standards are so much higher so from using projection mapping on a luxury yacht to implementing AR at the Monaco Yacht Show, Lots of great and interesting events are just around the corner…

Author: Melanie Grace


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