What Do Promotional Models Do?

I have so many questions asked to me regarding promotional modeling and what the job involves. The answer is there are many different roles a promotional model can help you with, but today I will be sharing with you my top three. It is not only important to ensure your promotional staff and looked after but also receive great training and have clear job specifications so you can work together and feel they are providing value. Remember a good team always starts with a great leader.

Pitch people about your brand

At the exhibition and shows, there is nothing more daunting than sharing your business model with hundreds of strangers, talking to them, and handing out your brochure. This is something experienced promotional models are very used to and can easily help you with. From pitching your product to demonstrating your services, if promotional models are given the appropriate training they become an extension of your brand.



Time management and event organising

At your event, it is vital that you have the right amount of support available so your event runs on time and is well organised. By hiring promotional models/brand ambassadors you can ensure your event is well managed and kept organised from the start. From ensuring your speakers are at the stage in-time to briefing everyone on the daily schedule, the Corporate Angel team will keep everything on track and make sure your event is well-managed

Guest management and arrival

It is very important to have a friendly face welcome your guests and to monitor who comes through the door. We highly recommend having security too but this role is important to ensure your guests are welcomed correctly and even have a friendly conversion before an event or speaking to ease their nerves.




Promotional Models can be a great asset to your event if they are given the appropriate training and understand what you wish to achieve. Please note all of the above may be roles other agencies are not able to provide but Corporate Angels ensure all of our team actively and wholeheartedly supports you with the above.

Author: Melanie Grace

Website: Corp-angels.com

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