Social Media

Luxury Social Media Experts

  • The engagement, post quality and attention to detail that a luxury brand requires on social media is very different to your day to day accounts.
  • Focusing solely on the luxury sector has enabled CA to become experts across all social media platforms managing a variety of accounts successfully.

Event Co-ordination

  • At event content and engagement is key, which is why our digital team co-ordinate perfectly with your at event hostesses to ensure a special moment is never missed whether this be live or through a captivating image or video.


We create world class content so your products and services are seen as the premium option online.


Our marketing is creative yet elegant, combining a digital experience with subtle data collection.

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Dev System

Systems, data and a premium sales funnel is key to monitor and make use of our successful progress.


An experienced social media team is available to support you every step of the way, from strategy to implementation and growth.